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Digital AccuSure BP Monitor

Digital AccuSure BP Monitor

Automatic Blood Pressure monitor from AccuSure by Dr Gene comes with one Year Warranty Keep a track of your health by measuring blood pressure in this BP monitor from AccuSure. This equipment comes with a BP monitor, having LCD screen and a cuff attachment. The advanced inflation technology employed in this equipment helps in detecting and providing accurate results in few seconds. This BP monitor has a pulse indicator to view the result and ability to display both, date and time. The highlight of this equipment is its WHO classification indicator and memory function that saves up to 60 sets of memories. Further, it also has Arrhythmia Detection Function (IHB) to detect the irregular heartbeats. This fully automated blood pressure monitor operates on 4 AA alkaline batteries. Simply wrap cuff around your arm and press a control button to begin the measuring process.

MRP Rs. 3330 | 1 No.
Save Rs. 1980 | 1 No.