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> Herbal Pain Relief Pack With Belt

Herbal Pain Relief Pack With Belt

Herbal Pain Relief Pack With Belt
This Herbal pack with One year Warranty provides a soothing and deep penetrating relief. The belt comes with herbal pad which cure different types of chronic pain and joint pain. Our herb packs are designed and built to fit perfectly around the afflicted area. The herbal wraps here go beyond the effectiveness and versatility of standard reusable heat packs because they can be heated for muscular relaxation or frozen for swelling reduction. The belt is made of anti-sticking layer, non woven and gel layers. Advantages : 1) It relieves pain on arthritis, backache, tendonitis, muscle strains, sprains, bruises and cramps. 2) It is quick acting,long lasting, easy to stick and peel off, don't strain skin and hairs. 3) It is safe and convenient, not allergic and no stimulation.
MRP Rs. 2650 | 1 No.
Save Rs. 850 | 1 No.